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Hi, I’m Jennie Hawkins,

I'm an SEO website copywriter for wedding industry professionals. I'm here to help you book more dream clients by having a website that connects and sells.



The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Showit Copywriter for Your Website (July 2024)

plant image with the words the ultimate guide to hiring a copywriter for your showit website.

Let’s talk about the copy for your Showit website and hiring a Showit copywriter.


…as a wedding industry business, your website is a crucial marketing tool for attracting and converting your ideal clients.

The branding, design and copy need to WOW your target couples. 

They need to work together to convince them YOU are the must-have photographer / planner / florist / venue / caterer to hire for their wedding.

If you’ve chosen a beautiful Showit template or you’re working with a Showit designer to create the custom website of your dreams then you’ve got two things sorted:

Stunning branding âś…

Dazzling design âś…

The only thing missing before you launch it to the world? 


So you can have a Taylor Swift level of confidence that your Showit website not only looks good but also has the copy on it to SELL your services.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the benefits of hiring a professional Showit copywriter to write your website plus lots of advice on choosing the right one.


What is copywriting?

Copywriting is persuasive writing normally found on sales pages, marketing emails, product packaging and websites.

The goal of copywriting is to persuade people to take action.

Book a call…

Sign-up for a webinar…

Buy a service…

Click on a link…

Copy is the words used to motivate and inspire someone to take the next step with you.

What is a Showit website?

Showit is a website platform loved for its drag-and-drop functionality.

It’s super easy to create a visually stunning website without any code.

This last part is a game changer because it means you don’t have to hire a website developer everytime you want to make updates. Yay.

It’s a fave website choice with creative professionals, the wedding industry, and anyone who values a beautiful aesthetic. 

(You may have already guessed that my website is Showit).

And finally, it integrates with WordPress for blogging. So you can have a beautiful website with the SEO power of a WordPress blog.

As a wedding business, why is the copy on your Showit website so crucial?

The words on your website play a starring role in building an emotional connection with your potential clients.

And remember: emotions are what drive our purchase decisions— they’re a big deal when it comes to buyer psychology. 

So establishing emotional connection is essential for driving conversions on your website.

For wedding professionals, this means using the right words to mirror the feelings couples are experiencing at the point they’re looking to hire your services.

When your Showit website copy mirrors their emotions, values, and aspirations, it not only engages them but also makes them feel understood and valued >>> all crucial stuff for converting browsers into clients.

Good copy also drives conversions by strategically guiding your website visitors through the sales funnel. 

Clear, persuasive messaging and strong calls-to-action (CTAs) help direct your potential clients toward taking that ONE action you want them to take next.

That could be booking you, checking your availability, or setting up a call. 

Addressing both the emotional and logical needs of your audience, strategic copywriting on your Showit website your site will not only attract your dream clients but also turn them into a booking.

Benefits of hiring a Showit copywriter for your website

Let’s go over the challenge of writing your own Showit website copy:

  1. It requires a significant amount of your time
  2. Copywriting is a specialized skill

Even though you’re the person most familiar with your business with a clear vision of your brand, ideal clients, and messaging…

…translating that vision into compelling words can be tricky.

Getting *inspiration* by looking at your competitors (👀) results in generic copy that doesn’t highlight YOUR unique selling points or credibility-boosters.

Also knowing how to optimize your copy for  SEO (incorporating target keywords) can be hard without an up to date understanding of best practices. 

In a nutshell, without expertise in SEO and persuasive sales copywriting, you risk writing a website that doesn’t engage your audience, stand out from competitors or drive sales.

Here are 3 other benefits of hiring a professional Showit copywriter to write your website:

#1 Copywriters can create a distinct brand voice 

A professional copywriter can develop a consistent and authentic brand voice for your Showit website. 

One that conveys your unique personality. 

This not only elevates you from your competitors but also builds trust and credibility with your audience, ultimately driving more conversions and business growth.

#2 Copywriters can communicate the right sales messaging 

Copywriters are actually marketing professionals in disguise as writers.

And having their *fresh* eyes, marketing expertise and an objective perspective on your wedding business can be invaluable. 

A Showit copywriter will identify and emphasize the sales messages you need on your website to convert your clients. 

They’ll dig deep into you, your business, your story, your services, your clients, and your competitors. 

The output will be a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your target audience. 

#3 Copywriters can infuse strategy, SEO, and storytelling 

A skilled Showit copywriter can blend conversion strategy, SEO, and compelling storytelling into their writing to maximize your website’s performance. 

While not all copywriters possess SEO expertise, those who do (hello đź‘‹) bring a crucial advantage in making sure your site is visible in Google.

Wedding businesses who partner with SEO-proficient Showit copywriters can experience significant improvements in website performance, from increased traffic to higher conversion rates. 

How to choose the perfect copywriter to write your Showit website

a female Showit copywriter typing on her laptop with notepad on her desk

#1 Ask to see their portfolio

Is their experience a good fit for your needs?

A perfect-match Showit website copywriter may, or may not, have experience in the wedding industry BUT they should be able to answer these questions:

  • Who else have you helped with a problem/need/desire like mine?
  • What have you done in the past that will be helpful when working on this project?

#2 Ask them about their process

What’s their process for researching into your business, your competitors, your customers etc

How does the revision process work? When will you be expected to give feedback on their copy?

How will they communicate with you during the project?

A professional website copywriter:

  • Has a research method that covers YOU, your audience, and your competitors
  • Can clearly explain their process in 3-5 steps
  • Tells you what to expect, and when to expect it

#3 Check out their client testimonials and any case studies

Client testimonials and case studies provide insights into a copywriter’s reputation and success in delivering results.

Look for evidence of client satisfaction, measurable outcomes, and testimonials that reflect positive experiences and effective collaboration.

#4 Ask about their approach to SEO

Ask them about keyword research, optimization techniques, and their understanding of current SEO best practices for Showit websites. Find out more about the skill of SEO copywriting. 

Remember: a pretty website isn’t much use if your target customers can’t find it on Google. 

#5 Assess your personality fit

A good relationship with your copywriter is crucial so when you’re deciding on a potential copywriter, consider if they have the right personality fit for YOU.

Do they answer your questions patiently and articulately?

Do they show a genuine interest in understanding your goals and business?

Are they enthusiastic about your project and confident in their ability to deliver? 

How do you feel when you talk to them? Optimistic and excited about the project or anxious or unsure?

Ask them how they handle feedback. 

A good copywriter should be responsive to your input.

Making sure your copywriter is someone you vibe with will make the entire process smoother and more enjoyable, ultimately leading to better results for your Showit website.

DIY vs. hiring a professional copywriter for your Showit website copy: How to decide 

When deciding between writing your own Showit website copy or hiring a professional copywriter (like me), here’s the deal:

Writing your website copy is a good option when you’re initially starting your wedding business—because you’re still refining your offers, services, and who you want to work with. 

So hiring a copywriter might not be the right investment at this very early stage of your business because you’re still figuring things out.

But as you become more established and you’re ready to scale, investing in a copywriter is a powerful way of elevating your brand, standing out from the competition, and attracting the people you most want to work with.

And, ultimately, making sure your Showit website is a 24/7 sales tool for your wedding business.

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Hi, I’m Jennie Hawkins,

I'm an SEO website copywriter for wedding industry professionals. I'm here to help you book more dream clients by having a website that connects and sells.