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Welcome!  I'm Jennie.

Website copywriter and strategist for industry-leading brands, creative entrepreneurs & service providers.

Website copywriter and strategist for industry-leading brands, creative entrepreneurs & service providers.


In my previous life, I spent 15 years working in marketing for cool brands – like Tesla and Aston Martin – as well as some equally mighty small businesses. 

I said adios to the corporate world after seeing so many talented businesses, offering amazing things but with...and I say this with love... so-so website copy. 
Website copy that was literally leaving money on the table.
So I took my obsession for copy, marketing and the online world...

... and I now create copy and strategies to make sure your website helps you hit your business goals.

But, confession time, I haven’t always been a copywriter.

I'm a marketing pro with 15+ years of experience and a copywriter so you'll work with a strategic partner who sees the big picture of your business

In my corporate life, I managed content for 37 websites across 18 languages – I KNOW websites and I can help transform yours

I understand SEO and I can help optimise your website for more traffic and leads

I'm experienced at collaborating with designers and developers so I'll fit right into your team

I research, FBI style, your audience so I can craft messaging and copy that connects with them

I have a process, I stick to deadlines like glue and I deliver every time.


What makes me different to all those other copywriters out there?

Jess Barron, Head of Content

"We were able to give meaningful copy rewrites to 100 of our top products quickly, efficiently, and fulfilling the consumers' intents.

Her copy is crisp and approachable and in the voice we requested.

She also navigated ambiguity well, and helped us get to the finish line with copy that everyone is proud of.

Jennie is incredibly talented, open to feedback and a pleasure to work with."

"Jennie understood how to create great copy to differentiate products and bring personality to our website."

I become immersed in your brand, your product or service and, most importantly, your customers.

This stage involves a comprehensive kick-off survey (aka: homework for you), data mining, customer surveys, interviews, competitor analysis and market research.

The output is priceless intel that paints a vivid picture of your target customers and identifies the most powerful way to communicate what you offer. 


We work together to polish your copy until it’s word perfect. We then shout 'FINAL' and do a virtual high-five as I hand over your words.

It's not time for goodbye yet though...

I collaborate with you or your developer to ensure both the visuals and copy on your website work together (on mobile + desktop) to provide a seamless user experience.


How the              happens


We wrap up the project with a 30 minute Zoom call.

This is your chance to ask me any final questions about your copy or website.

And where I provide you with additional actions, strategies and tools to help you optimise your gorgeous new website for more traffic, leads and sales.



I take to my keyboard and whip up an initial outline of the messaging and sections needed for each page of your site.

When you've reviewed and approved the outline, I start to bring it to life by creating a killer first draft.

Then it's time to grab your popcorn as I present your copy in a pre-recorded video. I also give you guidance on how to provide me with helpful feedback.

Because *magic* sounds way more exciting than "I have a proven, painless process."

Samira K, 
Content Creator

"The sales page for my online program had lots of traffic, but low sales.

So I decided to hire Jennie to review the copy, page structure and user experience and provide recommendations to increase my conversions.

She took time to understand my business, my program and my audience and, thanks to her feedback, I now have a much better idea on how to write and optimise my sales page, as well as my other marketing content."

"Quick, detailed, easy process, lots of extra conversion tips - amazing!"

Away from the
MacBook I'm...

A runner, cyclist and lover of outdoor adventures–#poweredbycake

A travel addict with a bucket list of places still to visit

A mother to two small humans and wife to one big human

British and living by the sea in sunny-ish Devon

Allergic to corporate jargon and boring copy

Now for the
behind the
scenes stuff

A runner, cyclist and lover of outdoor adventures #poweredbycake 

A travel addict with a bucket list of places still to visit 

A mama to two small humans and wife to one big one

British and living by the sea in sunny-ish Devon

Allergic to corporate jargon and snoozefest copy

Away from the MacBook I'm... 


So are you ready to shake up your copy and your sales?


Feel good about where you're spending your money

From 2022, I'm donating at least 1% of my profit to World Bicycle Relief. 

This organisation empowers individuals in rural, low-income regions to access education, healthcare and economic opportunities. All through the power of bikes. 

Yes Please!


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