Liv is the world’s number one cycling brand for women. Their mission is to get more women and girls on bikes.

Fun fact: I’m a cyclist and when I first became a copywriter this fantastic brand was at the very top of my client wishlist. The power of manifestation, huh?

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Since 2021, Liv have hired me for copywriting projects relating to their amazing range of electric bikes, including:

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The Copy

Electric bikes are fun but they’re also technical beasts. When writing about the products, my goal is to take the information provided by a geeky engineer, I say this with love as I’m married to one, and convey it in a simple and meaningful way for consumers. 

She’s a detail-orientated copywriter, very professional and we’re delighted with the copy provided to help promote our e-bikes.”

"Jennie’s technical writing is clear, concise and consumer-friendly."

In Her Words

Szu Chen, E-bike Assistant Manager, Liv Cycling 

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