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Hi, I’m Jennie Hawkins,

I'm a website copywriter and strategist and I'm here to help you turn your website into your #1 salesperson with copy that connects.







2022 Recap: My Year in Review

Oh hey there 2023! 

And, just like that, a brand spankin’ new year kicks off.

January is when I make plans for the year ahead and set a few goals.

But there’s a saying about looking back before you move forward…


So before I say “ciao 2022”, I’m taking a glance in the rearview mirror at a few key highlights.


Business Highlights

#1 I wrote for some inspirational clients

When I think about the clients I worked with in 2022, I literally have to pinch myself. 

Here’s a taster:



My first project of the year was writing a home page and product pages for GoCamp, a peer-to-peer camper van rental service. Think: Airbnb but for luxury campervans.

I had such fun working on this project, developed a severe case of wanderlust and became obsessed with the thought of hiring a camper van and hitting the road.


Paper Tiger

The talented design agency, Paper Tiger, hired me to write web copy for their client, Social House.

This LA-based agency provides digital growth services to a host of A-list clients, including; Pepsi, Sonos, BeautyCounter, and Playboy.

I loved helping bring their bold brand to life with equally bold copy and messaging.

Here’s a snippet:

Snippet of website copy written for Social House, digital growth agency


Liv Cycling

I wrote an Instagram post about how special this global brand is to me.

Liv is a female cycling brand who have made an incredible impact on women’s cycling. 

I started working with them in 2021 and, in 2022, they hired me to write launch books for their new, cutting-edge electric bike range. 

Copywriting + cycling = a happy Jennie


#2 I got a new business name

Well, actually the same name….my name. Confused? Let me explain:

I transitioned away from my former business name, Digital By Jennie, and started using my actual, real-life name – Jennie Hawkins in Q4.

The name Digital By Jennie no longer reflected the services I offer. It felt like a mismatch.

And after thinking about it for a little while, I was finally motivated to change it after listening to this podcast.


#3 I decided to donate a % of my profit

This summer I decided, moving forwards, to donate at least 1% of my annual profit to charity. 

The hardest part of the decision? 

Deciding which two charities to donate to because there are so many worthwhile organisations doing incredible work.

After some reflection, I settled on the following two but I’m hoping to add more to the list as my business grows.


World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen (WCK) provides nourishing meals for people during their darkest hours. Think: humanitarian crises and natural disasters. I first became aware of them when Russia invaded Ukraine. The work they do blows my mind and melts my heart. 


World Bicycle Relief

I discovered World Bicycle Relief on Instagram several years ago and fell in love with their mission – to empower individuals to access education, healthcare and economic opportunities thorough life-changing bicycles. I’m especially passionate about the work they do to provide equality for women and girls.


#4 I invested in myself

My inbox was bombarded by sales emails on Black Friday. Yours too? But I was incredibly restrained this year. Infact, the only time I whipped out my Visa was to purchase (or *invest in* as I prefer to say) lifetime membership of Copy School, run by the OG of conversion copywriting, Joanna Wiebe.

Copywriters LOVE courses. It’s a fact. And I’m no exception. 

I can’t wait to bring all the new copywriting skills and strategies I learned in 2022, and continue to learn, to my client projects in 2023.


Personal Highlights

Phew. There’s so much I could write here but here’s the shortest version I can write:

#1 Our first year back in the UK

We spent 6 years living in Silicon Valley, California but in September 2021 we made the leap back to the UK (and straight into a British winter after 6 years of non-stop sunshine– ouch). So 2022 was our first year living in our new home in South Devon, just six miles from the sea. We’re busy house-hunting but no luck so far. 2023 will be the year (crosses fingers and toes).


#2 A family reunion in France

At Easter, we caught the ferry over to France to visit my sister and brother-in-law.  Trust me: a bumpy, eight-hour ferry crossing with two small children was NOT the most relaxing start or end to the trip. But the in between bit was totally worthwhile.

My parents came too and it was our first family reunion in several years because of covid and living abroad. Take that covid.  


#3 A soul-filling outdoor adventure

I adore cycling so when my uber-fit, 70-something mother-in-law asked if I wanted to spend three days mountain biking the West Kerow Way, I immediately grabbed my lycra.

In May, the weather gods shined down on us and we spent three thigh-burning days conquering Cornwall’s steepest hills, exploring forgotten bridleways, and sailing along twisty coastal roads. BLISS.

As well as guzzling our body weight in cornish pasties at every opportunity. We needed the calories, right?


Cheers 2022, you’ve (mostly) been a blast. 


2023 let’s see what you’ve got up your sleeve.

Now let the planning commence.

Clink, clink, Happy New Year 🥂

Jennie x

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Hi, I’m Jennie Hawkins,

I'm a website copywriter and strategist and I'm here to help you turn your website into your #1 salesperson with copy that connects.