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Hi, I’m Jennie Hawkins,

I'm a website copywriter and strategist and I'm here to help you turn your website into your #1 salesperson with copy that connects.







8 Easy Ways To Write Facebook Ads That Sell (With Examples)

Do you find writing the copy for your Facebook ads a little overwhelming? 

Let me start by saying: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Because we all know that people are on Facebook to be social.

No one actually goes on Facebook with the intention to buy something.


> Facebook ads are like the unwanted gatecrashers at a party. <


So when we write Facebook ads for our business, we know they have to be very targeted and engaging to stop the scroll.

In this post, I’m sharing eight clever copywriting tricks you can use to write Facebook ad copy that will grab the attention of your target audience.


1. Trigger curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful emotion and a proven way to get attention. 

If you can make your audience curious about your ad then you’ll get the click.

Think of ways you can write an irresistible headline that will make your audience want to know more. 

Flodesk evokes curiosity in their copy by using the phrase ‘unlike any email platform that you’ve ever seen.’ They want their target audience to think ‘I should check out this amazing product and see what makes it so different.”

Inuit Quickbooks creates curiosity in their ad by teasing readers with an interesting headline. It starts to tell a story but leaves the best part untold.


Facebook advert for Flodesk.                       Facebook Advert for Inuit Quickbooks


2. Ask a question 

If you have no clue where to start when writing a Facebook ad headline….just ask a question. 

Are you excited by…?

Do you dream of…?

Have you ever wanted….?

When you ask someone a question they can’t help but answer the question in their head – it’s a clever psychology thing!

You want someone to think ‘yes’ because when they think yes you have their attention.

Asking a question is also a great way of grabbing attention from the people in your target market and deflecting the people that aren’t. 

Fabletics does this perfectly in their ad aimed at females who normally buy their workout leggings at Lululemon. They want their target audience to think “Yes, I am tired of overpaying for leggings.”

The ad also cleverly uses curiosity in the video caption “Why I dropped Lululemon for these $12 leggings” and takes a swipe at its competitors.


Fabletics Facebook Advert



3. Call out your target audience

Your headline needs to capture the attention of the RIGHT people. 

A smart way of doing this is to call out who you are talking to so they can quickly self-identify and think ‘this is for me’.

I used this technique to get the attention of moms in the ad I created for my client Fit4Mom and HubSpot uses it to get the attention of start-ups.

Facebook Ad for Fit4Mom

Facebook Advert for HubSpot


4. Include customer testimonials

Using testimonials in your ads shows social proof and builds trust with your target audience. 

Hatch does this by featuring a customer testimonial about how their product improved a Mom’s life and solved the problem she had (a hard time sleeping).

Death Wish Coffee Company highlights how many 5 star reviews they’ve had for their product. 

This ad aims to evoke curiosity in the reader’s mind and makes them think “Wow, this product has so many great reviews, I should try it out.”


Facebook Ad for Hatch            Death Wish Coffee Facebook Ad


5. State the benefits

Don’t make the mistake of using valuable ad copy to describe the features of your product. 

Spoiler alert – no one cares about the features. They care about how the product or service will benefit them.

Write about the benefits of your product and the value it gives to your customers, like these three brands:

  • MAC Cosmetics – keep your makeup looking fresh for up to 12 hours.
  • Lululemon – the side pockets are great for my keys, phone, etc.
  • AllBirds – comfortable, sustainable, goes with everything.


MAC Cosmetics Facebook Ad

   Lululemon Facebook Ad

Allbirds Facebook Ad


6. Create Urgency

Master the art of inserting FOMO – the fear of missing out – into your copy.

Incorporating time-related words and phrases into your headline such as ‘hurry, offer ends soon, while stocks last’ are all ways to bring urgency into your ad copy. 

Reading these words puts your target audience’s brain into action-mode.

It makes them fear that they’ll lose out on something if they don’t take action right NOW.

Charlotte Tilbury uses ‘hurry’ as the first word in her headline. 

It immediately grabs attention and sparks curiosity by making the reader think “Why do I need to hurry?” She also uses the phrase ‘while stocks last’ to create urgency and fear of missing out.

Fabletics also start their headline with ‘hurry’ and put it in capitals for extra emphasis.

Charlotte Tilbury Facebook Ad

    Fabletics Facebook Advert for leggings


7. Use humor

Humor is a great way to connect with your audience – when done well. 

But be warned you have to know your audience well enough to know what they will (and won’t) find funny. 

Here’s an example of two brands that are using their unique personalities to make their customers laugh.


Dollar Shave Club Facebook Ad

 Shinesty Facebook Advert


8. Make your copy scannable

You need your ad to stand out in the newsfeed so here are a few formatting tips to help make your copy pop:

  • Put words like FREE and SPECIAL OFFER in capitals for emphasis
  • Use bullet points to list out several benefits 
  • Use emojis to get attention
  • Keep sentences short and don’t use long paragraphs
  • Don’t use long, complex words.



There you have it: eight copywriting strategies to test in your Facebook ads. 

The best news is that with Facebook ads there are numerous opportunities to test different ad copy.

So test different variations and identify what gets the best results.

It also pays to get familiar with Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

And finally, here’s a quick checklist of what you need in your click-worthy Facebook ad copy:

  • An attention-grabbing, irresistible headline
  • The benefit that people care about / a clear value proposition
  • Scannable copy
  • A strong call to action (CTA)


Need help writing high-converting Facebook ads? Learn more about my copywriting and content writing services for social media.

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Hi, I’m Jennie Hawkins,

I'm a website copywriter and strategist and I'm here to help you turn your website into your #1 salesperson with copy that connects.